Stahlkoffer has just finished prototyping a side-stand extender for the BMW R1200GS/ADV. Having just purchased a BMW 1200 myself the bike seemed to “lean over” too far when on the side stand. So our base is made from 10mm thick mild steel (powder coated black) which means the bike does not now lean over too far when on the side-stand. And the top is made from stainless steel with the “GS” logo laser cut into it. The finished product (when fitted) really enhances the look of your bike! The Stahlkoffer side-stand extender comes with all nuts and washers as well as fitting instructions. What about the cost? Well our special price is just £21:00 and this includes postage and VAT! Pictures available shortly (when I have mastered how to transfer them from my I-phone).       Bernie. Tel: 07710 149 726