R1200GS Gallery

Welcome to the Stahlkoffer R1200GS gallery. Here you will see a few of the images we get sent of our Stahlkoffer Pannier systems on customers’ bikes.

If you have any pictures of your bike with STAHLKOFFER Pannier systems installed and would like to display them here please email your pictures to Contact@Stahlkoffer.com and we will pick the best ones to display.

Please note, sending us an image doesn’t guarantee inclusion on the Stahlkoffer website.

Stahlkoffer Panniers on a R1200GS (Adv).Stahlkoffer Panniers on a R1200GS (Adv).Stahlkoffer Panniers (old design) on a R1200GS (Adv).
Citykoffer Panniers on a R1200GS.Mick King and Helen in Morocco.Photo of R1200GS (Adv) with Stahlkoffer Panniers taken in Morocco.
R1200GS (Adventure) with Stahlkoffers and Topbox taken at John-o-Groats.Photo of R1200GS taken by a beach.Citykoffer Panniers and Topbox (to take full-face helmet) on a R1200GS.
Stahlkoffer Panniers with water cannisters and a Topbox (to take a full-face helmet) on a R120GS.
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