Welcome to the STAHLKOFFER gallery. Here you will see a few of the images we get sent of our Pannier systems on customers’ bikes.

If you have any pictures of your bike with a STAHLKOFFER Pannier system installed and would like to display it here please email your pictures to and we will pick the best ones to display.

Please note, sending us an image doesn’t guarantee inclusion on the Stahlkoffer website.

Citykoffer (silver) with Stahlkoffer Topbox on a R1150GS.Citykoffer Panniers (silver) with Stahlkoffer Topbox and Tailbag.Stahlkoffer Topbox with Tailbag attached.
Another example of our "Easy Removable Lift-Off" Stahlkoffer Pannier System.Example of our "Lift-Off, Easy Removable" Stahlkoffer Pannier System.Stahlkoffer Pannier-to-Frame Fitting Mechanism.
Stahlkoffer Handle-Bar Bag.Photo of a Stahlkoffer Handle-Bar Bag.Photo of the inside of a Citykoffer Inner-Bag.
A range of Stahlkoffer Accessories.Small Stahlkoffer Topbox in silver on a BMW.Citykoffer Pannier in Gun-Metal Grey on a R1150GS.
Tank Protector and Crash Bars on a R1150GS.Stahlkoffer Crash Bars for a R1150GS.Stahlkoffer Crash Bars for a R1150GS.
Stahlkoffer Crash Bars for a R1150GS.Stahlkoffer Tank Protector Fitting on a R1150GS.Stahlkoffer Crash Bars and Tank Protector for R1150GS.
Stahlkoffer Crash Bars and Tank Protector for R1150GS.Stahlkoffer Crash-Bars for a R1150GS.Another photo of Citykoffer Panniers (old design) and Stahlkoffer "fishingbox" colour-coded to a R1150GS.
Example of Citykoffer Panniers (old design) and Topbox colour-coded to a R1150GS.Stahlkoffer Tailbag.Stahlkoffer Logo and "Made in England" badge sewn on to a Tailbag.
Stahlkoffer Tailbag attached to lid of a Citykoffer Pannier.Stahlkoffer Tailbag doubles as a Rucksack.Stahlkoffer Panniers outside our new premises in Gibbs Road, Lye, Stourbridge.
More Stahlkoffer Panniers ready for shipping!Citykoffer Panniers  colour-coded to match a R1150GS.Another batch of Stahlkoffer Panniers ready to be "shipped out".
V-Strom with Stahlkoffer Sport Panniers (old design)..Small Stahlkoffer Topbox.Photo of inside of one of our Stahlkoffer Panniers. Note no rough edges.
Stahlkoffer Topbox with Tailbag attached.Citykoffer Pannier.Locking mechanism found on all Stahlkoffer Panniers.