The design of the BMW 1150/1200GS Pannier System means that there is massive storage space loss with the near-side pannier having to accommodate the exhaust pipe. So we at STAHLKOFFER set about designing aluminium panniers and frames for the R1200/R1150/1100 & F800GS. By increasing the width of the near-side pannier frame the pannier now hangs on to the frame and sits “proud” of the exhaust pipe, thus giving the owner a “full-size pannier”.

The STAHLKOFFER pannier is designed so that it can store a full-face helmet. So with a set of STAHLKOFFER Panniers & a Top-box you end up with just over 100 litres of luggage space (more than adequate to store two people’s luggage on a three-week camping trip).

We also realized that when traveling you might want to get something out of the top-box or panniers so the design is such that the lids can be simply & quickly unlocked & removed – even if camping-gear etc is already strapped to the lids. Also STAHLKOFFER PANNIERS use a “one key fits all” system making locking & unlocking of the pannier lids very quick & easy.

The pannier frames have been so designed that they utilise the existing location points on the bike frame. so pannier fitting could not be simpler!

We now make a frame for ALL TYPES OF BIKE and  the STAHLKOFFER PANNIER SYSTEM is guaranteed to fit ANY frame. (Just contact STAHLKOFFER for further details).


  • * STAHLKOFFER PANNIERS are manufactured in the West Midlands.
  • * 2mm aluminium professionally TIG welded
  • * Plastic coated frames that fit straight on to the existing bike frame.
  • * STAHLKOFFER supply all bolts, fasteners, fitting instructions etc.
  • * A neat, efficient quick release STAHLKOFFER “pannier to frame” locking system.
  • * Professionally designed by experts.
  • * Powder coated inside and out as standard
CITYKOFFER NEAR-SIDE PANNIER: (L) 370 mms x (W) 210 mms x (H) 390 mms. 30.3 liters capacity.Weight: 4.74Kg. CK1
CITYKOFFER OFF-SIDE PANNIER: (L) 370 mms x (W) 230 mms x (H) 390 mms. 33 liters capacity.Weight: 4.91Kg. CK2
CITYKOFFER SPORT NEAR-SIDE PANNIER: (L) 370 mms x (W) 210 mms x (H) 333mms. 25.87 liters capacity.Weight: 4.34Kg. CKS1
CITYKOFFER SPORT OFF-SIDE PANNIER: (L) 370 mms x (W) 230mms x (H) 333mms. 28.33 liters capacity. Weight: 4.55Kg. . CKS2
STAHLKOFFER NEAR SIDE PANNIER:  (L )370 mms x (W) 300 mms x (H) 390 mms. 37.5 liters capacity. Weight: 4.82Kg. SK1
STAHLKOFFER OFF-SIDE PANNIER: (L) 370 mms x (W) 300 mms x (H) 390 mms. 40.4 liters capacity. Weight: 5.58Kg. SK2

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